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Reel Mind Theatre & Film Series

The Reel Mind Film & Theatre Series features films, performances and discussions that address the social stigma of mental illness and behavioral disorders while providing a message of hope that recovery is possible.

Reel Mind is now accepting entries for our 2022 season!

The Reel Mind proudly accepts entries on FilmFreeway. Please click the button below to submit your entry.


The murder of Daniel Prude has rocked all of us, each in a different way. Reel Mind, as part of Rochester's mental health community, realizes that we must all come together and work towards finding better ways to respond to mental health crises. We cannot tolerate losses like this one.

We support the following statement by our good friend Chris Wagner, Interim Executive Director, St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center:

We Say No to The Unacceptable. We Say Yes to Change and Action.
by Sr. Christine Wagner, SSJ, Ph.D.

No to Daniel Prude having his life squeezed out of him.
No to another black man murdered while in police custody.
No to officers standing by and letting it happen.
No to lacking human compassion for a mentally ill man lying naked on a city street.
No to, “This happened in March! Why are we only hearing about it now?”
No to the grief visited upon his family and the community. No to excuses, passing the buck and thinking silence is the right response to the community.
No to pepper balls and batons as instruments of “restoring peace.”

Yes to outrage, anger, righteous indignation.
Yes to demands for action, transparency, timely information.
Yes to recognizing mental illness as a disease, not a threat or a crime.
Yes to protesting voices on the street, in print, on social media.
Yes to dialogue, compassion, empathy.
Yes to non-violence training for law enforcement.
Yes to local officials pushing the Attorney General for swift action.
Yes to an end to racism, hatred, bigotry, apathy Yes to decency, dignity for all people,

For the sake of us all, everyone do something to end this horror.

Suicide Prevention Resources available 24/7:
Lifeline: Dial 211
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255
TrevorLifeline (for LGBTQ+ youth under 25): 866-488-7386 or
text SMART to 678-678
Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741-741

If you would like to get on our mailing list, please send an email to: And, like us on Facebook @thereelmind!


Please send mail to:
Reel Mind c/o National Alliance on Mental Illness - Rochester (NAMI)
320 N. Goodman Street, Suite 102
Rochester, NY 14607
For more information, email: